Onepage Creative WordPress Theme

Bespoke is a Premium One page WordPress Theme best suitable for Design Agencies, Startups, Freelancers, Photographers, Personal Portfolios, Corporate and more. Bespoke is easy to customize as per your requirements and comes with 3 unique designs with blog pages and portfolio detail pages.

First of all if you are all new to WordPress, I would recommend to learn a little bit about it before you get started. Here are some nice Resources on how to get started with WordPress.

Video Tutorial

Before we start talking about theme installation we should know some fact about wp themes. There in Bespoke package two theme is available. Parent and Child. So we should know about parent and child theme first. 
A WordPress child theme takes the functionality of another theme, named parent theme. It gives you the possibility to customize an existing theme. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can activate the child theme and work within it.
All customizations are stored in the child theme and anything in the child takes priority over the parent. So if the same file exist in both child and parent, the file from the child will control that aspect of the theme.
Working with child themes, your customizations are safeguarded from future upgrades because you only upgrade the parent theme, which you never edit, while the customizations are protected in your child theme which you don’t upgrade.
Why use a Child theme?
Safe Updates. You can easily modify your website using child themes without ever changing the parent theme. When a new version of the parent theme appears, you can safely update it as all your modifications are saved in the child theme.
Easy to Extend. A child theme has a great flexibility. It does not require writing a lot of code. You can modify only those template files and functions that you need.
When you install one of our Bespoke themes you must upload both Bespoke parent and Bespoke child theme folders to /wp-content/themes/ but you should only activate the Bespoke theme via Appearance -> Themes.
Here is 2 ways to install Bespoke theme in your wordpress. Details are noted bellow:

FTP Upload:

  • Unzip you downloaded package.
  • Open up your FTP manager and connect to your hosting
  • Browse to wp-content/themes
  • Upload the Bespoke & bespoke child in theme folder
  • Log Into WordPress and go to Appearance > Themes
  • Find the bespoke or bespoke child Theme and click activate btn.

WordPress Upload:

  • Log into your WordPress backend
  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes
  • Click Install Themes
  • Click Upload
  • Now you just need to find the " &" in the Upload folder and hit Install now.
  • After complete installation click on active button to active The theme.

Here is an bespoke theme installation video. Hope this one will help you. I am going to follw "FTP Upload" method. I already uploaded theme in my wp-content/themes/ folder. Uploaded both parent and child theme. Let me show you:



If you still can't figure it out then please mail me at I am ready to help you.

In Bespoke we used 5 Plugin for core development. All listed bellow:

  1. Bespoke Assistance -> Required and responsible for all custome functionality of Bespoke Theme.
  2. Contact Form 7 -> Required and responsible for Contact Form.
  3. Unyson -> Required and responsible for Visual Page Builder.
  4. Mailchimp For WP -> Optional and responsible for Subscription form.
  5. Revolution Slider -> Required and Responsible for Hero Sliders.

Lets talk about installation process. Once you installed the Bespoke theme you will see an notification in you WP dashboard. Like this:

Lets install all plugins both required and optionals. Once you completed install all plugins via TGM then you need to activate all of them. And make sure you installed all required add-on also. Lets see the plugin installation video:

If you still can't figure it out then please mail me at I am ready to help you.

Bespoke is an awesome onpace and multipage creative wordpress theme. And it has an awesome dummy data installation process. You can install dummy data via 2 process. All of them are describe bellow:

One Click Dummy Importe

Note: Install all plugins and extensions before install dummy content.

Please browse Tools -> Demo Content Install. You will get a new window like this.

Now click on "Install" button and wait till auto refresh. Please during dummy installation do not click any place or do not refresh the page. This awesome installare will set everything and redirect you to site home page. Lets take a look installation video.


WordPress Importer:

Bespoke is an OnePage Creative WordPress theme. Now please follow the process.

You can install sample data with Wordpress Builtin function. To install please Navigate Tools -> Import. You will get a POPUP from popup click on Wordpress link in bottom left. Its ask you for install a importer plugin and activation.  After activate the plugin browse the .xml file and click on Upload File and Import button. Once you upload the .xml file you get a window like this.

Select your existing user and checked "Download and import file attachments" checkbox and click submit. This will take some time. Now wait and watch. Once import complete you will get a window like this.

Its done. But we need to configure some thing in our backend. Lets browse Pages -> All Pages and edit Front Page

Now make sure the page has selected "Front Page" page template. 

Now please navigate Settings -> Reading from you admin dashboard menu. Once the settings page loaded Please checked "A Static Page" checkbox and select "Front Page" for Homepage and "Blog Listing" for  Posts Page. 

That's it. Now we need to import Rev Sliders manually. Please navigate Slider Revolution menu from you admin dashboard. You will get an window with "Import Slider" Box. Click on that box and import & slider data one by one.

Now we need to install widget datas. Please navigate Plugins -> Add New and search for "Widget Importer & Exporter" plugin. Install that plugin and activate it. 

Now browse Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter menu. Upload Bespoke_Widget_Data.wie file. Now click on "Import Widgets" button. 

That's it. All done. Now refresh you Front page. Hope all is well done. If still you can't figure it out then please mail us at We are ready to help you.

Now we are going to learn how to build your custom site with our visual page builder. Thers is lots of thing. So be carefull & follow the process. Lets create a custom fron page and some page sections.


  1. Create Front page.
  2. Set this page as Site Home Page
  3. Create Sections.
  4. Create a Menu with those sections.
  5. Active and Save the Menu.
  6. Refresh the Home Page.

All those 6 steps will show on this video. I think video is better than description.

Bespoke has an awesome, small but effective option panel setup. Setups are noted bellow:

  1. General Settings
  2. Maintanance Mode Settings
  3. Font Settings
  4. Style and Color Settings
  5. Header Settings
  6. Blog Settings
  7. Post Settings ( Single Blog Post )
  8. Social Settings
  9. Footer Settings
  10. 404 Settings

Lets take a video tour 

Lets talk about some Page settings and some about additional settings. As you know you can configure Bespoke one page and multipage. So lets describe about it.


Page Settings

When you create a page, you can make it Front Page section or you can make it indipendent page. Navigate Pages -> Add New.

  1. Insert your page title. 
  2. Insert your Page Content. If you want to make it info page like simple post and dont want to use any shortcode or visual compoer then please do not select page template from Pate Attributes meta box. Use Default Page Template. If you want to make a different page with shortcodes or Visual composer then please select "Full Width"  page template. Or if you want to use this page as section then don't need to select any page template.
  3. Featured Image: If you used default template then Featured image will effective.
  4. Section Settings: If you want to use this page as front page section then please "Is Section" turn to Yes. If you want to hide this page name from menu in Front Page then please "Disable From Menu" turn to yes.
  5. Page Settings: Is this page is "Seperate Page" I mean multi page setup then Turn the Banner On. Setup all banner informations.
  6. If you are going to use this page as your Portfolio Work listing page then Please Select "Portfolio Listing page" from page template attributes. And setup all other options from "Portfolio Listing Settings" options.

Lets take a video tour:

What we used as JS Plugins.

Thanks to all of those jquery plugins author who make our work easy.

Thanks to all of those jquery plugins author who make our work easy.

Thanks to all of those author who make our work easy.

Thanks to all of those plugins author who make our work easy.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing our theme. As we said at the beginning, we are glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. Just contact us via email at [email protected] And please do not forget to rate this theme! :)


Thanks In Advance